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This retro trailer for 'The Facebook' gives us gnarly AOL flashbacks

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Crack open your 40 hours of free AOL demo discs

YouTube comedy director Brent Weinbach's new short is an ad for Facebook in the style of kitschy early internet informercials. It's a three-minute time warp to the days of chat rooms, web rings, and high speed 56k modems. "The Facebook" of the faux-ad looks like a mishmash of the original Facebook design, the AOL landing page, and a tour of GeoCities. But what sells the bit is the acting and script, which play the entire thing with a cool deadpan.

Suddenly I'm pummeled by the memory of my mother picking up the family phone line, killing the internet connection, and spoiling my meticulous research of early Simpsons episodes. New internet is so much better than old internet.