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9 things the S in S'UHD actually stands for — and none of them are Samsung

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Samsung is announcing a new lineup of TVs this afternoon, and it's giving them a typically strange name: S'UHD. We've been puzzled by the name ever since we first saw it on Saturday, but now Samsung is finally providing some answers. At a private Samsung party last night, the company presented nine things that the S in S'UHD stands for.

First, there are a handful of adjectives that Samsung found:

  • Special
  • Striking
  • Sensational
  • Seductive

Then there are the adjectives that Samsung gave some meaning to:

  • Smart (this is meant to refer to the TV's Tizen interface)
  • Stylish (a reference to their curved design)
  • Superb (referring to their resolution)
  • Spectacular (referring to "quantum color")

And, finally, there's this one:

  • Shirring

We first thought that Samsung had just made up a word, but the dictionary on my phone provided this explanation:

shirring /ʃaɪəriŋ/


1. baking shelled eggs

Which probably isn't what Samsung is referring to, but is also very much something that Samsung would choose.

We did learn at least one important thing: the S doesn't stand for Samsung.

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