Take this quiz to learn your own brand tagline

Are you a corporation or a human being?


Corporate taglines are like fast food. When presented with thousands of dollars of high-end lighting and thumping EDM, you almost believe they’re good for you. Consumed in the real world, however, they're all but meaningless. Most taglines can be flipped, twisted, diced, and spliced without losing their artificial essence. Try it yourself: take a real tagline and revise.

Innovation for a better life
A better life, innovated
Your world. Our tools
Like life, but bigger
Think better. Live smarter
The possibilities are infinite
The possibilities. Delivered
Smart delivery, big innovation, infinite lives

It’s not hard to craft an almost meaningful tagline for generic tech companies. But what about you? How can we capture your glorious being within a corporate tagline? I’ve created a flow chart to solve that very problem.

Give it a try: