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Watching 24 episodes of Friends at the same time gave me a headache

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Sure, you can now watch every single episode of the seminal '90s sitcom Friends on Netflix, but this video is way more efficient. What you're seeing here is all 24 episodes from the show's first season superimposed on each other and played simultaneously. At first, a vague wave of comforting Friends familiarity washed over me, but it wasn't long before the whole experience started to make my brain hurt — unconsciously, I think my poor cranium was groping for some semblance of a plot line to grab on to. Are Ross and Rachel at the laundromat? Is this the first time Joey ever said "How you doin'?" I can't be sure... all I can hear are muffled laughs and white noise that is best described as a crowded airport.

This is probably what alien creatures light-years away will see and hear when transmissions of Friends continuously beaming off the earth finally reach their worlds.