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The leader of the free world hasn't ditched his Fitbit

The leader of the free world hasn't ditched his Fitbit


But does it track wedding crashing activities?

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Dear Mr. President,

By now we've all seen the photos: President Barack Obama crashed a wedding at Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla, California over the weekend. Okay, you didn't crash it; you happened to be playing a round of golf there, and a bride-to-be made a mad dash in Monique Lhuillier to meet you. Smiles, hugs, and photo ops ensued. It looked pretty amazing.

What's even more amazing (if you're a wearables nerd) is that you, President Obama, are still wearing your Fitbit Surge. Shut the front door, I say. You were first spotted wearing it in March of this year, which means, if you've been wearing it regularly, that it has been nearly eight months of Fitbit-ing for you.

It's been a whole eight months of Fitbit-ing for the President

Way to go, President O. I regularly hear from consumers who say that their Fitbits and Jawbones and smartwatches ended up in a sad pile in a drawer somewhere after a few months, with occasional success stories sprinkled throughout. I even asked Fitbit's co-founder and CEO in an interview last week how he manages to keep people using the darn things. (We talked about how people put them on their fat pets.)

But not you. You've stuck with it. Is it because it has built-in GPS? Tracks golf? Is platform-agnostic? (Are you still using an iPhone?) Records the little bit of sleep you get? Doesn't need to be recharged every day? You're sort of busy. I could see why "Remember to charge wrist-thingie" wouldn't be on the top of your priority list. You know, like 1. Figure out the situation with Russia and Syria, 2. Play golf at Torrey Pines, and 3. Charge electronics. That would be silly. Right?

In any case, kudos to you, Mr. President. And even if you do hang it up at some point, just know that you gave it a valiant eight-year-month try.



P.S. Add me as a Fitbit friend?