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Someone forgot to delete this mesmerizing test footage of a DJI drone factory

Video from inside drone maker DJI's factory showed up online today, and it was by complete accident. Motherboard got ahold of some test footage that shows workers in China assembling the company's Inspire One drones — footage that should have been deleted before it ever left the premises.

The brief footage showed up on brand new DJI X5 camera bought by Erik Reed, the founder of a Michigan-based company called Skyz Media. As Motherboard points out, this is not a new phenomenon — a similar video from the DJI factory showed up online earlier this year — but the footage is all-too engrossing nonetheless. It's also weirdly reminiscent of those videos of people's luggage making its way through various airports.

A DJI spokesperson confirmed to Motherboard that the footage was real. And while there's nothing nefarious or strange going on in the picture, it's most certainly mesmerizing.

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