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Hillary Clinton was just as confused by LinkedIn as the rest of us

"How does this work?"

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Over the years, LinkedIn has baffled millions of office workers as the social network bombarded them with emails about endorsements, connections, and skills. The near-universal reaction upon hearing about LinkedIn for the first time is to wonder: what the hell is that good for?

In that regard, it seems Hillary Clinton is no different from the rest of us. Buried within the latest batch of emails released from her private server is short one to her staffers simply asking: "How does this work?" The email from 2012 was first spotted by Business Insider. Attached is a forwarded message with the subject line we all dread. "Invitation to connect on LinkedIn."

hillary linkedin

Fortunately for the former Secretary of State, she had some staffers who were versed in the ways of LinkedIn to explain the madness to her. As for the rest of us, many are still wondering why they should bother with the professional social network and its prolific email notifications.