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Nissan's car made of origami looks like something out of a video game

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Engineering has long been inextricably linked to paper. After all, ideas may form in the mind, but the next step is almost always to write it down or sketch it out. Nissan commissioned origami artist Owen Gildersleeve to play with that very idea and build a life-size replica of the company's quirky Juke crossover entirely out of origami.

The work was commissioned to coincide with the car's fifth birthday, and it's a pretty impressive artistic achievement. It took over 200 hours to turn over 2,000 pieces of paper into the life-size model, and the result is something that accurately depicts the funky car while retaining the distinct look of origami. Be sure to watch the video for more, but as for paper-based car ads, it doesn't quite take the cake from Honda's truly impressive spot from earlier this year.

nissan juke origami

nissan juke origami