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Hoverboard wipeouts are the Christmas gift that keeps on giving

Hoverboard wipeouts are the Christmas gift that keeps on giving


Fun and pain for the whole family

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For months we've heard that the hottest holiday gift would be "hoverboards," or self-balancing scooters. Do a quick search on (or really, just open up) any social media platform and you'll see that this definitely is the case — around the United States, kids are waking up to find the two-wheeled gifts waiting under their Christmas trees.

Like with drones, the rush to adopt this new technology has put people in some perilous situations — some serious, but many of them just funny. We've rounded up a few of our favorites below, but for more be sure to head to SB Nation, where Claire McNear has been following the uploads all morning.

Merry Christmas everyone #hoverboard #christmas

A video posted by ReeceMcEwan (@reecemcewan_) on

Trying to show off an almost buss my ass lmao #christmas #presents #powerboard #hoverboard

A video posted by Evan Farrell (@efarrell868) on

Stay safe kids. #hoverboard #glider #hoverboardfail #fail #

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Didn't last long. Merry Christmas. #hoverboard #hoverboardfail

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There's something about these that brings an easy smile to your face, and I don't think it's just the physicality of the falls. It's that hoverboard wipeouts are, today, a family affair. If it's not your mom or your dad biting the dust on one, then they're the ones laughing off-camera at your expense. But the best part? Somehow, Nana has got a total hold on this:

My nan busting moves on a #hoverboard

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