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This is the insanely detailed Force Awakens trailer breakdown you were looking for

This is the insanely detailed Force Awakens trailer breakdown you were looking for


Disney's galaxy-sized Star Wars marketing campaign, analyzed

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It is December, now, which means you can literally start counting down the minutes until Star Wars: The Force Awakens makes its debut. (Surely, some fans have been doing this already.) The movie has become inescapable, in part because its existence is steeped in all sorts of marketing tie-ins, but also because (seemingly) every week there is a new trailer, teaser, or TV spot. In fact, there have been 14 different versions released since the first teaser was published in November of 2014.

Many of these trailers have shared scenes, but each has also included snippets of new footage. This has driven the craziest fans wild as they try to dissect each laser blast, TIE fighter explosion, and cryptic voiceover in hopes of summoning up insight into what the movie will be about. So what better way to fuel that fire than a complete and utter breakdown of every scene that Disney has afforded to share?

Today, Quartz's David Yanofsky, Adam Freelander, and Mike Murphy, published a post (called "Every shot from every 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer, logged and charted") that does exactly that. Not only did they break out every single clip (there have been 502 of them, 114 of which were black or titles, in case you were wondering), but you can also find out when each one first appeared, how many clips make up each teaser and trailer, and how many of those were new at the time.

It's a beautiful, data-driven look at the movie marketing campaign being run by Disney and Lucasfilm — a campaign which has been so relentless that Murphy says it was hard to find a chance to publish the piece in the first place. "We’ve had it ready for like a week or two," he told me on Twitter, "but Disney kept releasing new trailers like every damn day."

Murphy says that he, Freelander, and Yanofsky timecoded every trailer and logged what happened in each clip in "a big spreadsheet." That spreadsheet powers the interactive post and generates all the statistics, and will surely help fans across the galaxy bide their time until the movie premieres in a two weeks.