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Dear Sony: please make Sinister Six... and kill off Spider-Man

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Make it your last non-Marvel Spidey film and go absolutely crazy

With Spider-Man stepping through the ethereal plane and into the world of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, one of the big open questions is what's to come of the spinoffs Sony had planned prior to 2017's Spider-Man? Specifically, Drew Goddard's Sinister Six, which would focus on a sextet of supervillains who all want Spider-Man dead. According to The Wall Street Journal, that project won't make its scheduled November 2016 release datebut it isn't necessarily canceled.

With that in mind, here's my pitch to Sony and Goddard: make Sinister Six. In fact, make it the last non-Marvel Spider-Man film, and make no promises that Spidey will survive.

Let the world burn on screen the same way this iteration is disappearing off screen

Think about it. This is an incredibly rare opportunity — a popular superhero franchise with a definitive "end date." After this movie, Sony's Spider-Verse is dead and gone, absorbed tabula rasa into Marvel's film machinations.

So why not go out with a bang? Give Goddard, whose background includes Lost, The Cabin in the Woods, and Cloverfield, the freedom to do literally anything he wants with these characters. What's it matter if Spider-Man man dies? Or any character / city population, for that matter. Give Andrew Garfield one more time in the suit before the web-slinger inevitably gets recast.

For once in a superhero's life, there's no sequel to worry about. Let the world burn on screen the same way it's disappearing off screen. In Sinister Six, you could let the super villains win. Or at least give them an actual chance. No matter what happens here, Spider-Man lives on brand new in Marvel's world. Don't let the last film before the reboot be The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Above all else, do this because why not? Exactly.

Bonus: The post-credits scene can be Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield eating pie with James Franco.