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The wonderful phenomenon of the unintentional GoPro selfie

The wonderful phenomenon of the unintentional GoPro selfie

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The Verge would be lost without its incredible video team, who regularly lug hundreds of pounds of equipment to hell and back — all in the name of art and making us look good. They're brilliant. They're also usually ghosts: even though they touch nearly everything we do, they're behind the camera where you can't see them bring magic to life.

Thankfully, the advent of the action camera has changed that. When you start recording on a GoPro, you inevitably capture a brief moment of behind-the-scenes realism — not because you want to, necessarily, but because the power button and status lights are on the front of the unit.

Unintentional GoPro selfie

Our video team has started collecting these precious moments on a Tumblr page, Unintentional GoPro Selfies. It's honest; it's raw. I'd expect many more over the course of the year, particularly as we start filming more automotive content (GoPros love cars). Bookmark this gem right now.