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The internet created Left Shark, not Katy Perry

The internet created Left Shark, not Katy Perry


Shark beats lion

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Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Everyone wants to capitalize on the phenomenon that is Left Shark, and it's making Katy Perry's lawyers pretty mad. So mad that they're sending cease and desist letters to people making Left Shark costumes or figurines. The lawyers are going to be successful because lawyers are intimidating Right Sharks who know a bunch of complicated legal moves that the rest of us Left Sharks can't keep up with. But with the help of New York University professor Chris Sprigman, one little Left Shark is fighting back.

You can read Sprigman's entire response to Katy Perry's suited sharks here, but this passage really stands out:

No one knew that the shark dancing to the left of Katy Perry during the Super Bowl halftime show was Left Shark until the internet told us that he was. The internet decided that Left Shark's flubbed dance moves were hilarious. It gave Left Shark his name, and then it made him into a meme. Left Shark isn't really about Katy Perry. Unless you're telling me she planned the whole thing in advance.

It's time to stand down, Katy Perry. The waters of the internet are deep, and the Left Sharks are many. Roar.

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