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Ethiopia’s first post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie looks beautiful and bizarre

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Ethiopian Santa Claus? Check

Billed widely as Ethiopia’s first post-apocalyptic sci-fi film, Crumbs, (directed by Spanish-born, Addis Ababa-based director Miguel Llansó) is the story of Birdy and Candy, survivors of a vaguely referenced "Big War" that leaves the world's population in tatters. From the looks of it, Birdy and Candy lead a sad, strange, and terrifying life: they live in a decrepit bowling alley, a rusted spaceship hangs immobile in the sky above, and Birdy has to face off with what appears to be a Power Ranger on horseback. Oh yeah, and Santa Claus makes an appearance. The Hollywood Reporter, which reviewed Crumbs at the Rotterdam Film Festival, gave it a tentative thumbs up, calling it "outlandish and imaginative." IndiePix just picked up the film for distribution in the US and frankly, I couldn't be more excited.