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The mayor of Chicago can't stop tweeting about himself in the third person

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Alex Wong/Getty Images

If you're moderately rich, famous, or in politics, there's a good chance you've got an entire team of people writing your tweets for you. That's fine and totally understandable — President Obama has better things to do than tweet, like negotiate a treaty or veto a law or whatever. But it also means that you inevitably end up with tweets referring to yourself in the third person in what's technically supposed to be your personal timeline... and talking about yourself in the third person never fails to be hilarious.

I'm especially amused by the Twitter feed of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, for some reason. Maybe it's the frequency of third-person tweets; maybe it's the fact that he usually refers to himself simply as "Rahm," not something more formal like "Mayor Emanuel." It's just Rahm talkin' about Rahm. Rahm on Rahm.

Every once in a while he'll break character and go into first person, but it's rare. Emanuel is known as a larger-than-life presence, a hard-ass who runs Chicago with an iron fist, so the third-person commentary somehow seems totally appropriate.

Chris approves.