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This site can save you the agony of writing condolence notes

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Flood G/flickr
Flood G/flickr

The loss of a loved one can be a difficult time full of loss, grief, and other bummer vibes. But it can be equally difficult for those around you —  all those people that exist in the liminal zone between friend and stranger. When tragedy strikes, social norms compel acquaintances to reach out in a sympathetic gesture, and offer a few kinds words.

But who really has the time to craft an entire sentence made up of words expressing genuine emotion?

Thankfully, there's The site, which offers 200 incredible readymade condolence notes, was created by "Eric" and "Adam" in the wake of a personal experience that "left its founders unsettled with the online condolence process." In the fall of 2012, Eric found out that the spouse of an acquaintance had passed away. Eric felt compelled to write a note of condolence — really, he did — but "the rest of life’s responsibilities and commitments began to consume the desire to do something meaningful until it faded beyond recognition." In the end, Eric never sent his condolence note. To this day, "his desire to offer support to his colleague remains unsatisfied."

Never again, Eric vowed. Eric teamed up with Adam and the two put together a greatest hits of condolence notes for every occasion. Consider the tried and true #169: "I am sorry." Or the classic #195: "I want to express my condolences to you." Or the lyrical #128: "The snow seems falling and you’re feeling so cold. Please take my arms so for you they can enfold."

You'll never be at a loss for clichés again.

Here are a few more of our favorites:

27. It’s terrible to hear about your loss and I/we express my/our sincere sympathy to you and your family, I/we will include your (insert relationship of deceased to bereaved here.) in our thoughts and prayers.

44. (insert name of bereaved here), we/I just want you to know that we/I are really sorry to hear about your (insert name of deceased to bereaved here), he/she was a wonderful man/woman and was cherished by everyone who knew him/her. May he/she rest in peace.

77. A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. We part with our beloved grandmother in pain.

103. My deepest Condolences…

107. We will always remember your ______________. He will always be in our prayers.

115. Your __________ will forever be missed. May his soul rest in peace. Sincere sympathies from the ________________ family.