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This new SNL40 sketch will make you laugh with regret

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Swing batter batter!

Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary show was a seemingly endless buffet of what makes people love or hate the show. Now that we've all had time to digest, NBC just released this awkward-as-ever short that features Kyle Mooney doing what he does best: interviewing strangers in the most painfully funny way possible. Mooney braves the winter weather to ask people about their favorite memories of SNL, like when "Fred Armistad" (Fred Armisen) was on the show, or "Mike Ritter" (not a person) and his time doing the "Super Short Report" (this never existed) on Weekend Update. Seriously, it's excruciating. Think of it as the after-dinner mint to the main course that was SNL40, a snack that's sweet enough to please but also tastes just funny enough to send a chill down your spine. Food metaphors, am I right?