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Take a look at the inside and outside of Japan's Godzilla hotel

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Just what I want to wake up to in the morning: a city-destroying monster

Imagine waking up to Godzilla's giant eyeball peering into your bedroom. That's the terrifying opportunity Hotel Gracery in Tokyo's Shinjuku neighborhood will offer guests, beginning April 24th.

The hotel, located above Toho Cinema, will celebrate its grand opening by installing a large Godzilla head on its lower roof deck. A handful of rooms will also be themed around the world's most famous city-destroying monster, which raises the question: what would a honeymoon suite look like in a Godzilla-themed hotel?

Kotaku has provided a helpful explanation of one room, pulled from this video. In the "Godzilla Room," a romantic couple may enjoy the company of a human-sized Godzilla statue, and savor the tingles elicited by a humongous Godzilla hand that threatens to smash them into their separate beds.


Truly, these are creature comforts: