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Street Fighter V will feature the character that always dies

Street Fighter V will feature the character that always dies


Charlie Nash: the Kenny of the Street Fighter universe

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Charlie Nash has been part of the Street Fighter canon since Street Fighter 2. In its story, we learn that Nash's death at the hands of M. Bison inspired his mentee, the military beefcake Guile, to join the Street Fighter tournament, creating a morbid loop in the franchise's mythos.

Nash first appeared as a playable character in the prequel series, Street Fighter Alpha. Because Nash's death must motivate Guile's involvement in Street Fighter 2, Nash never survives his storylines in the Alpha games. He's murdered by Bison in Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams, betrayed by his own soldiers and tossed off a waterfall in the second Alpha game, and Alpha 3's story has Nash sacrifice himself to keep Bison inside a base set to explode.

Charlie Nash has had better luck in spin-off games, but Street Fighter V is part of the main series. Don't count on his survival. Consider this, though. The series writers are determined to maintain narrative consistency, yet the character dies multiple times. I say this sincerely: I love video games.