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Watching every breath taken during Oscars speeches will give you a panic attack

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Fun fact: celebrities draw breath. It's true! Similar to the rest of us, humanity's performers and entertainers do, in fact, interact with the air around us as a means of survival — sometimes even unconsciously.

Racked would like you to celebrate that fact with a montage of celebrities breathing at the Oscars. Here's what some people (read: The Verge staff) are saying about it!

  • "as;dlfka's;dlkdfk';asldkf';alskkldsf"
  • "omfg"
  • "my chest literally hurts right now"
  • "I want to exhale for all of them"
  • "I can feel this in my bones"
  • "I watched it for six seconds and was like, 'NO I CANNOT DO IT!'"
  • 'It's not ASMR, it's BDSMR!"
  • "Neeson doesn't make any noise. no sound."
  • "wow, this is lynchian"
  • "Did you hear me? I said, it's not ASMR — it's BDSMR! You get it? It looks great written down."