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I have a number of problems with this Taylor Swift / Nine Inch Nails mashup

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So my friend and former colleague David Pierce just tweeted that this mashup of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and Nine Inch Nail's "Perfect Drug" is the new "Call Me Maybe" / "Head Like A Hole", and I just want to say that he is wrong, for the following exhaustive list of reasons.

1. The "Call Me Maybe" mashup is a perfect mix of Reznor's vocals and Carly Rae Jepson's backing track; the verse is great, and the chorus is pure gold. The "Shake It Off" mashup is fine during the verse, but misses when Taylor's vocals reappear and then totally falls down during the chorus.

2. "Perfect Drug" has one of the best drum breaks of all time. It is perfect and unassailable. Whatever this is still has Taylor Swift fake-rapping the words "this sick beat." Everyone should remain ashamed.

3. David is a stupidhead.

This concludes The Verge On Friday. Here is a playlist of Nine Inch Nails songs.