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An Australian HR assistant is making beautiful, sad, sexy art with MS Paint

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With some TLC, MS Paint can do spectacular things

Miranda Lorikeet, aka Lazy Bones on Tumblr, is an artist who leads a double life as an HR assistant in Sydney, Australia. While other artists use expensive materials or software, Lorikeet crafts landscapes, portraits, and abstractions with MS Paint. The work is vibrant, colorful, and playful, using its childlike simplicity to great affect on images that can be lonely, bleak, and sexy — sometimes all at once.

Lorikeet's art is vibrant, colorful, and playful

In a post from December, Lorikeet explains her process in detail. Using a photograph for reference, she selects a handful of colors, draws a skeleton of a landscape, and uses the programs limited tools, like Fill and Copy / Paste, to give the image layers and texture.

Lorikeet intercuts her regular drawings with beautiful photography and answers to submitted questions.

Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones