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Mozilla just announced flip and slider phones at a press event in 2015

Mozilla just announced flip and slider phones at a press event in 2015


(But it's for a good reason)

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In case you hadn't noticed, it's 2015. Every day we're swarmed with stories that still sound like they're from some far-off future: self-driving cars, virtual reality, and holograms. So you can imagine my surprise when I just heard the words "flip phone" and "slider phone" alongside the word "announcement."

The words were just a few of many spoken at the Firefox OS press event, and in context they made a lot more sense. A big part of Mozilla's vision for Firefox OS since it was first announced about four years ago was to bring the capabilities of smartphones to emerging markets. That vision has taken a number of forms along the way, but at today's event the focus was on 2016, when the company will leverage new partnerships with KDDI, LG U+, Telefonica, and Verizon Wireless to bring a new batch of flip and slider phones running Firefox OS to these new consumers. Unfortunately, the phones weren't on hand, probably because they haven't been created yet.

Not everyone has access to the latest and greatest

So while we'll be spending much of this week looking at Quad HD screens and worrying about whether a phone's edges are chamfered or not, Mozilla served up a humble reminder that the rest of the world has a lot of catching up to do.