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Buzz Aldrin took a cooler photo than you did at Stonehenge

Buzz Aldrin took a cooler photo than you did at Stonehenge

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I hate to break it to you, but you'll probably never walk on the Moon. Neither will I. I hope I'm wrong, but it's a bet I'll take. Maybe — just maybe — that would change if NASA had to spend less time fighting for funding and defending its core mission to the people in charge of its budget. Until then, the agency relies its current and past employees to inspire the public, hoping to move the needle. Leave it to 85-year-old Buzz Aldrin to come through with this photo from a trip to Stonehenge.

The picture is better than anything you or I will ever take at the historic site. It shows Aldrin gazing at the sky in a Superman pose with his increasingly infamous "GET YOUR ASS TO MARS" shirt:

Aldrin often wears the shirt to promote his ShareSpace Foundation, a nonprofit organization he founded in 1998 that brings attention to science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) programs in schools (as well as the arts). The organization actually sells the shirts in a number of varieties — including ones with a more reserved tone for babies. And it's not just a slogan, either. He recently backed up the rallying cry with a public appeal to colonize the red planet when he laid out a plan to get there at a Senate committee hearing.

The photo was posted at 11:07AM ET, and somehow didn't spend the rest of the day taking over the internet. Perhaps that's forgivable, considering the world was focused on the Kendrick Lamar "leak" and Kanye West congratulating Kim Kardashian on accruing 30 million Twitter followers in the most Kanye West way ever.

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