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James Bond is Archer

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And Archer is James Bond

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Yesterday, the entire world stood still when the creators of the new James Bond movie, Spectre, tweeted a teaser for a teaser poster. Today, the teaser poster was released, and we now know why it needed to be teased in the first place: James Bond is Sterling Archer, also known as "Duchess."

Sweet turtleneck, Daniel Craig. Or is it a tactleneck?

The turtleneck really seals the deal (on top of all the murder and misogyny), but evidence of the shared spy identity was first spotted by my colleague, Dieter Bohn:

But as Russ Fischer at Slashfilm points out, Craig's Bond and Archer are really just cheap knockoffs of Roger Moore.

moore turtleneck

In any event, James Bond looks ready for whatever challenge awaits — especially if it involves being an advertisement in the next issue of Esquire.