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Netflix God Mode smites the endless lists that plague its desktop site

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How you wish Netflix would look on your computer.
How you wish Netflix would look on your computer.

Netflix looks pretty much the same whether you're using it on a phone, tablet, or on the web. And in the world of responsive design, that sounds like a great idea. But in practice, desktop users have drawn the short straw. They need to sit there with their mouse hovering over an arrow to scroll through lists of movies, like animals. If there was a digital manifestation of waiting in line at the DMV, this is it.

Behold greatness

To reiterate the point, the thing that works so well when you're using your finger (like the above photo) is sad and frustrating with a mouse.

Thankfully, developer Renan Cakirerk has fixed this gnawing first world problem with what he calls "god mode." It's a bookmarklet for your browser that blows up all those menus into one simple, scrollable list. Netflix will no longer look so nice and pretty, but it actually ends up being a whole lot more usable. The handy tool will undoubtedly be disabled by Netflix at some point, but for now it's a must-have.

Here's what you get before:

Netflix god mode

And here's what you get after:

Netflix god mode


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