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Alas, Ted Cruz does not own

Alas, Ted Cruz does not own

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Ted Cruz embraced social media this morning when he announced his presidential bid on Twitter. There's one gap in his digital strategy, however. Here's an Internet Checklist™ for any and every candidate running for office — using, in this example, Ted Cruz:

Twitter? Yep. (@tedcruz)

Facebook? Good here.

Instagram? Yes with prefix, (sentedcruz) but no without (tedcruz). It's private for now, though — no harm there.

Tumblr? Nope, but I mean, who can really own tumblr, anyway?

That leaves us with the official website. This one is the biggie — a mainstay in modern politics. Can you type in the candidate's name as a web address (with ".com") and get official information? Alas, Ted Cruz doesn't own his name domain, — and the person who does seems to fall on the other end of the political spectrum.

A 2014 Mother Jones article (via Gizmodo) says the page is owned by an Arizona attorney, and a WHOIS search confirms he's paid up through 2017. Cruz does own, however, and we can only imagine his people are doing what they can to claim all relevant top-level domains — chief among them dot-com., by the way, is currently parked and blank.