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Alas, Ted Cruz does not own

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Ted Cruz embraced social media this morning when he announced his presidential bid on Twitter. There's one gap in his digital strategy, however. Here's an Internet Checklist™ for any and every candidate running for office — using, in this example, Ted Cruz:

Twitter? Yep. (@tedcruz)

Facebook? Good here.

Instagram? Yes with prefix, (sentedcruz) but no without (tedcruz). It's private for now, though — no harm there.

Tumblr? Nope, but I mean, who can really own tumblr, anyway?

That leaves us with the official website. This one is the biggie — a mainstay in modern politics. Can you type in the candidate's name as a web address (with ".com") and get official information? Alas, Ted Cruz doesn't own his name domain, — and the person who does seems to fall on the other end of the political spectrum.

2014 Mother Jones article (via Gizmodo) says the page is owned by an Arizona attorney, and a WHOIS search confirms he's paid up through 2017. Cruz does own, however, and we can only imagine his people are doing what they can to claim all relevant top-level domains — chief among them dot-com., by the way, is currently parked and blank.