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    Rand Paul swiped his new logo from Tinder

    Rand Paul swiped his new logo from Tinder


    Swipe far right

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    The silver lining in giving Tinder a monopoly on the two-pronged flame symbol is that you can say things like "Rand Paul stole his new logo from Tinder."

    This is the Tinder logo:

    tinder logo

    This is Paul's logo:

    Rand Paul logo

    There are a couple notable differences here. First, Rand's flame is a little sharper, and a little redder — certainly a nod to the states that are most likely to endorse him in a widely speculated 2016 presidential run. Second, the flame distinctively flickers to the right. (Subtext: the winds are changing, give me money.)

    Paul has been spending a lot of time in Silicon Valley recently, so maybe biting Tinder's logo was an honest, subliminal mistake. Or maybe he's just really hot for PAC money. Either way, it's not a terrible association — I would totally put a "Swipe right for Rand" billboard on my lawn.