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GoPro from space: watch a stunning NASA spacewalk

GoPro from space: watch a stunning NASA spacewalk

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From stellar time-lapses to live, high-definition views of Earth, NASA's not short on beautiful footage taken in space. But two videos that the agency just published offer some of the most unique views yet. During the two most recent spacewalks — NASA calls them extravehicular activities, or EVAs, since you can't actually "walk" in space — the astronauts brought a GoPro with them out into the void as they toiled away.

In the video you see above, astronaut Terry Virts uses the action camera to capture a stunning view of Earth passing by, and in the second one we get a strapped-on view of what it looks like to navigate the underbelly of the International Space Station. It's like looking through the eyes of a space mechanic, only without the sense of impending doom that comes with working in a vacuum. If only they had been able to strap one to Bruce McCandless.

Update 2:40PM ET: The Internet Archive's player only allowed one video to embed, the second video is available here.