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John Legere, who is staying in a Trump hotel, is in a Twitter fight with Donald Trump

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

John Legere. Donald Trump. Two self-styled loudmouths in suits. Who would win in an epic Twitter battle?

We're finding out literally as I type this: the titans of industry are throwing shade at each other, apparently after Legere — the firebrand CEO of T-Mobile USA, who is staying at a Trump hotel in New York City — complained about a drummer on the street outside his hotel room. Shortly after, Legere praised Trump's customer service, seemingly after hotel staff got the street drummer to move.

Trump, looking to pick a fight, countered that T-Mobile's service "is terrible," and that he doesn't "want it in his buildings." Legere immediately responded that he was checking out of the hotel. Snap.

And there you have it. My guess is that Trump is uninvited from Legere's Christmas party.

By the way, John, if you need a place to crash tonight, I got you.