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This ridiculous Bluetooth-connected SodaStream machine carbonates Cosmopolitans

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SodaStream's completely over-the-top new carbonation machine, the Mix, is on display in Milan this week where visitors to Teatro Versace will have a chance to try its adults-only beverages. Yes, that's right: the Mix can make fizzy booze.

A quick refresher on the Mix: it's got a color display, Bluetooth connectivity, and a companion smartphone app that you can use to upload cocktail recipes. Once recipes are loaded onto the machine, it can guide you through the mixing process. It also seems to handle stirring, which is good news for pretty much everyone except James Bond.

Also, the Mix has a status message on its display that it is "refining the bubbles." Refining them. I don't know what that means, but it doesn't sound cheap. (Pricing and availability haven't been announced.)

Here's a better view of the machine itself:

SodaStream Mix