The new Star Wars trailer is better with music from Inception



Like Kenny Loggins and Top Gun, composer John Williams helped make Star Wars sound so unique that you can tell what movie it is with just a split second of the opening theme. So last week, when the second trailer for the new film came out, there was a very obvious question: "What if, in classic movie trailer fashion, this had music from someone else?"

Answering that for myself, I went the obvious route and plugged in "Mind Heist," which was famously used for the trailer of Inception, and is full of BBBBBRRRRRRAAAAAWWWHHHHHs. Composed by Zack Hemsey (not Hans Zimmer, who scored the rest of Inception), the track has been used numerous times over existing trailers to show how well the piece — which livens up a little after the one-minute mark — can be applied to just about anything. Unfortunately, that's also resulted in a glut of trailers that all feel pretty much the same. Yet here, on Jakku, it just feels right.

Doing this yourself on the Star Wars trailer is rather simple, but I've chosen to make it pretty difficult.

Step 1. Hit play on this:

Step 2. Play this video, then hit mute:

Alternatively (and if you want way less work), you can just see this on YouTube Doubler, which syncs both videos, or just watch "StarCeption," which was mashed up by Adam Doud, and includes snippets of audio from the actual trailer: