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Help me buy my dream car, Paul Walker's Supra from The Fast and The Furious

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This is it.

If you had to identify one piece of Fast & Furious memorabilia to put on a pedestal above every other, Brian O'Conner's Supra — the "10-second car" he owed Dom — would be it. And now it's up for auction.

Mecum is auctioning one of the Supras used in the filming of the original, The Fast and The Furious, and it's said that this particular car was used "throughout the movie," including in the pivotal final scene. This one:

It's such an important car that Hot Wheels immortalized it. This probably isn't actually a 10-second car in the real world — it's packed with stunt-car reinforcements, its NOS bottles are disconnected, and it's only 220 horsepower — but at least you can look the part.

Correction: I can look the part. Please send me cash that I can put toward the expected $150,000 to $200,000 final selling price when the car hits the auction block the week of May 12th.

You owe me a 10-second car, after all.

Ten-second car

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