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Sesame Street parodies The Avengers. Poor Hawkeye

Sesame Street parodies The Avengers. Poor Hawkeye


'Me ready to turn green, get big, and eat giant chocolate chip'

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If you were tasked with mapping Sesame Street characters to Marvel Studios' preeminent superhero team, Cookie Monster as The Hulk is a pretty natural fit. Thus, we form the basis of The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon, wherein the team tries to get "Dr. Brownie" to focus, turn green, and eat the flying chocolate chip with a jam-shooting gun. The five-minute segment is a nod to the ending of the first Avengers, and as with Sesame Street's plentiful other parodies (e.g. "House of Bricks," "Star S'Mores," "Big Birdman"), the video is a highly concentrated dose of puns.

We're not sure of the ultimate lesson here. Is it about learning to focus to achieve your goals? Is it about the satisfaction of walking down the street eating asparagus? Is it the not-so-subtle materialism and concerns about the sequel that plague Captain Ameri-cauliflower? All we know is that, once again, Hawkeye is given the short straw in this segment.

Poor Hawkeye.