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President Obama doesn't have an Apple Watch. He has a Fitbit Surge

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As a president, you are necessarily a quantified being, measured and judged by a large array of numbers. Approval / disapproval ratings. Unemployment rate. Median household income. Inflation rate. The numbers of views on a clip from the White House Correspondents Dinner. The worldwide gross for Furious 7. Here are a few more ways to judge the president: heart rate, steps taken, sleep.

As noted by longtime Verge friend Joanna Stern, The Wall Street Journal's latest interview with President Obama reveals that our commander-in-chief is sporting a Fitbit Surge. It's probably not the wrist gadget we'd have recommended, but he didn't ask us. You do you, Mr. President.

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Obama's actually been sporting the Surge for well over a month now — at least since March 17th, as noted by Business Insider.

One thing is for certain: if Obama is wearing a Fitbit Surge, then he didn't get a gold Apple Watch. Or any Apple Watch. Or a Moto 360. Or a Microsoft Band.