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    Does the _______ have a _______ problem?

    Does the _______ have a _______ problem?

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    A video posted to YouTube last night appears to show the _______ separating from the _______ of a T-Mobile-branded _______. There's no obvious damage to the unit, but there's quite a bit of discoloration around the edges. It's unclear whether the _______ belongs to the poster of the video, and whether the _______ was obtained through official channels.

    A Twitter search suggests that this isn't an isolated incident, though: "Just bought my _______ last week and it's already _______ on the _______. smh," reports one user. "Looks like there's _______ coming out of the _______ on my _______," says another.

    This could spell big trouble for _______

    If this is a widespread issue, it could spell trouble for _______, which relies on the _______ as an enormous revenue driver. Any delays or recalls could cost _______ hundreds of millions, if not billions — particularly with the launch of _______'s _______ around the corner.

    We reached out to T-Mobile for comment, who referred us to _______. "If customers experience any problems with their _______, we encourage them to contact customer service immediately so we can help diagnose and solve the problem," a ________ spokesperson tells us. Variants of the _______ are also available on Sprint and AT&T. Verizon is rumored to be launching it as well, but there's nothing official yet.

    There's no evidence that this is a _______gate-level problem at this point, but needless to say, it could have fence-sitters rattled.

    Inspired by Matt Buchanan's excellent "A Writing Template for the Content Industry" on The Awl, and also by new reports that the Galaxy S6 Edge bends. Everything has its -gate, same as it ever was.