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Do not invite Game of Thrones' Jon Snow to dinner

Do not invite Game of Thrones' Jon Snow to dinner

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The premise is incredibly simple: "Jon Snow is a terrible dinner guest." And yet this Late Night with Seth Meyers segment works so well, thanks in large part to Kit Harington's commitment as a world-weary Stark taking a small respite from his Wall watcher occupation. It's smart, silly, and brooding.

Seth Meyers has been host of Late Night for just over 13 months, which in late night terms means he's still comfortably in experimental mode, and before that he was SNL's head writer and Weekend Update host for eight years. Just last month, Late Night's direct competition (CBS's Late Late Show) just introduced a new host, James Corden.

Beyond that, however, there is the internet. Meyers' predecessor Jimmy Fallon (now the host of The Tonight Show) excelled at creating viral content. Looking at Fallon's most popular YouTube clips, it's clear the sketches have stretched far and wide. In contrast, Meyers' most popular clips largely center around big-name celebrities. But again, it's only been 13 months, and if this clip is any indication, the show is finding ways to embrace online content from within the 12:35AM time slot.