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Which watch? The Watch watch

Which watch? The Watch watch


A Watch by any other name would have a better name

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The Apple Watch is a watch. The Watch is a watch. Watch.

At this point of my day, as copy editor of The Verge, I’ve read the word "watch" so many times that it hardly looks like a real word any more. In an ever-changing landscape of scientific and technological innovation, my job is to ensure that the words published on this site are written in the least ambiguous way possible, whether that means adding a comma here or there, choosing a standardized spelling for a new type of gadget, or making the call on whether or not a title needs to begin with a capital letter. This last task has been particularly trying today, as Apple has chosen to name the newest addition to its consumer tech fleet, simply, the "Watch," deviating from its conventional naming procedure by eschewing the predictable "iWatch" (a trend that seems to be continuing in the death of iPhoto and the phoenix-like birth of Photos). This choice, from the standpoint of a copyeditor, is, frankly, a nuisance. While there is a certain authority associated with the capital-W Watch moniker, it also evokes the same feeling as Donald Trump referring to himself as "The Donald."

Differentiating between the need for "Watch" and "watch" can be tricky at times, but at least written word allows us that luxury. What am I supposed to do when my friends want to talk to me about my work in person?

"Hey Leah, I loved The Verge’s Watch review."

"Thanks! Which one?"

"You know...the Watch. It looks incredible; I really want one."

"I honestly don’t know which watch you mean."

"Which watch? The Watch watch."

"Oh, the Watch watch! Why didn’t you say so?"

Most sites have taken to calling the Watch the Apple Watch, which is the closest compromise. Apple itself labels the watch (below) as an image of the Apple logo followed by "Watch," placing the company in a short line of corporate entities and pop stars that have replaced the alphabet with an icon.

This ambiguity will likely take seconds, nay minutes of my life from me, and for that, Apple, I may never forgive you.

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