This Avengers magazine cover is a beautiful homage to '90s X-Men


Entertainment Weekly released the special edition covers for its annual summer movie preview issue today, and they combine to make one big Avengers: Age of Ultron poster. And while we've seen glimpses of the newest addition to the cast, this cover gives us our clearest view of Vision (who will be played by Paul Bettany) yet — even if his exact role in the film is a bit still mysterious. (There's a bit more semi-spoilery detail available in the article if you're so inclined.)

But that's not all! As Slashfilm's Russ Fischer points out, the combined banner cover appears to be an homage to the iconic special edition covers for Jim Lee's X-Men #1. From the way the Avengers are assembled, to the placement of the villain on the far right, to how the blue streak behind Quicksilver follows basically the same icy path that the Iceman laid down on Lee's cover, it's pretty clear that someone in the art department over at EW has a love of '90s comics.

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