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Stephen King is drag racing his Tesla and tweeting about it

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Jeremy O'Donnell/Getty Images

Even the author of Misery isn't immune to the wiles of an absurdly quick electric car, it seems: Stephen King is tweeting about taking his Tesla to a drag strip last week. (It's unclear whether he's referring to a Roadster or the Model S, but they'll both pin you to the back of your seat.)

When you've penned some of the most influential novels of the past 40 years, you're entitled to do this. I'd challenge King's claim that he knows what it's like to pilot an X-Wing, but I'll leave that to Star Wars aficionados to sort out — Steve, if you ever want to go toe-to-toe in a pair of P85Ds, you know where to reach me.

Verge Video: Riding in the insane Tesla P85D