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If sloths could take selfies, they’d look like this

If sloths could take selfies, they’d look like this

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Humans taking selfies is a well-known epidemic, recently spurring the organizers of both the recent Met Gala and upcoming Cannes film festival to attempt to thwart celebrities from snapping them on the red carpet. Which is why it's probably not a surprise that sloths are trying to get in on the action too. Case in point: this adorable-yet-angsty sloth youth reaching hungrily for a camera lens as if it was a delicious morsel of food. The joke is on the sloth, because it's just a camera, but the end result is what looks a lot like a selfie.

Unlike when a Golden Eagle in Western Australia found a GoPro and believed it to be a food thing a few years ago, there's no sense of disappointment on this sloth's face:


The controversial footage was captured at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, which is chock-full of the slow-moving creatures, many of which are on the mend after being rescued from cuteness (and also terrible things). It's been the focus of other videos, including the viral "Meet the sloths" by Lucy Cooke, and a follow-up visit from Vice's "The Cute Show."