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Sony, this is me shaming you for not having Gran Turismo 7 out yet

Sony, this is me shaming you for not having Gran Turismo 7 out yet

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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Today, Polyphony Digital announced yet another car in its Vision Gran Turismo series, an ambitious (and extremely cool) project to collaborate with automakers around the world on wild, ultra-futuristic visions of the automobile that work better in the video game world than in the real one.

This latest car comes from Peugeot — and yes, look, it's awesome. I'm not going to deny that. Just look at the video for it:

But these amazing cars aren't available on PlayStation 4, which has been on shelves for over a year and a half now. You can only see them on a PlayStation 3, with its lower polygon counts and market relevance that diminishes by the day. (GT competitor Project CARS, which just launched, outright canceled its PS3 support.)

This travesty is happening because Polyphony, the Sony subsidiary responsible for the seminal Gran Turismo series of racing sims, hasn't yet released a game for the PlayStation 4. It almost certainly won't this year. It may very well not release one next year.

It's ridiculous, it's unacceptable... and it's also totally predictable

It's ridiculous, it's unacceptable... and it's also totally predictable. Gran Turismo 5, the first GT title for the PlayStation 3 if you don't count the stripped-down promo Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, was released in November of 2010 — some four years after the launch of that console. (Incredibly, the PS3's May 2006 launch event even included a preview of GT5, which was known as GT HD at the time.) Polyphony's reputation for setting insanely lazy launch schedules — precipitated in large part by series creator Kazunori Yamauchi's obsessive attention to detail — is well established, but that doesn't make it any less inappropriate. Microsoft's Forza is lapping GT at this point, even launching a successful spinoff with the Horizon series. The Xbox One already has two Forza titles, and Forza 6 will come to market this year.

It has been

without a Gran Turismo title for PlayStation 4

There's no doubt that creating an amazing next-gen racing simulator is extraordinarily difficult. I get it! But Turn 10 Studios has consistently shown that it can be done in a reasonable amount of time. And really, a mind-blowing racer should be considered required fare for a console launch — photorealistic cars and tracks are just a great way to show what a new console can do. Polyphony doesn't seem to care much about that.

So here's my challenge to Polyphony and to Sony: get GT7 out by the end of this year. Just do it. If you can't, it may be time for Yamauchi to move on. Don't worry about him, he'll be fine; he owns two Ford GTs.

Correction: The article originally stated that Forza 6 could come to market this year, but the title has been confirmed for a 2015 release.