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Mastodon continues the fine tradition of metalhead love for cats

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When the new Mastodon video hit, a colleague immediately pinged me — there are few things I love more than cats and metal. And it turns out I'm not alone.

There's a long, proud metal tradition of cat-loving — and I'm not just talking about Danzig wearing a Danzig t-shirt while buying kitty litter. Slayer recently rescued a lost kitten. In fact, cats are so proudly metal, there's even a book devoted to metal dudes posing with their cats (warning: both the dudes and the cats are adorable).

And so in that sense, the video for "Asleep in the Deep" — a slightly darker version of the trippy Friskies "Adventureland" ad campaign — is not entirely unexpected. A lovely tabby leaves her human to have a hero's journey in a bizarre night land, by drinking some milk that is apparently laced with "magic." Some very normal stuff happens, like an encounter with a hookah-smoking frog, a heroic squirrel, and a rat king. There is a volcano? I have watched this a minimum of four times and am not sure I can tell you what is going on other than that it rules. Does this video measure up to its important cat metal predecessors? Yes, my friends. Yes.

The track is off Mastodon's most recent album, Once More 'Round the Sun.