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This is the skatepark Lexus built for its real hoverboard

This is the skatepark Lexus built for its real hoverboard


This is not a drill: the hoverboard actually works

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Yesterday, Lexus said it had built a hoverboard. The company invoked the science of magnetic levitation and superconducting magnets, but left it at that. Lexus was teasing us with as little information as possible. The idea seemed plausible, though, with the one major caveat being that the person operating this superconducting skateboard would need a magnetic track to hover over, something that wasn't visible in the video.

Now, Spanish website El Patín has discovered that the the park in the ad is real, and in the pictures that it's being built in Cubelles, a village outside of Barcelona. More importantly, we can clearly see a metal track embedded in the ground of the unfinished park. The writer at El Patin says that the park's been under construction for about a month, and that it's patrolled by private security 24 hours a day. Lexus built an entire park to make its hoverboard work

The track appears to loop through the entire park and across various features. At one point it curves up into a sloped wave feature, and in one photo the track appears to go down (or up?) a set of nine stairs. As if hoverboarding wouldn't be cool enough, there are jumps.

lexus hoverboard park

It's unclear if Lexus plans to use the park for the sole purpose of shooting the ad campaign or if it would let non-skateboarders get a taste of the future. We've reached out to Lexus and will update this story if they respond with any more information about the hoverboard or the futuristic skatepark.

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