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Wow, this dog earns GIF of the year

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I am not exactly a happy-go-lucky person, so I don't say this lightly: this GIF makes me so, so happy. Look at that dog(e)seen on Reddit earlier today. Getting her paddle on, slowly being lowered into the bath. She's not even worried, completely chill in the face of a tub full of water. Watch it again. Look at that tongue pop out. And, of course, it's a shibe, the internet's dog of choice. This is a perfect storm of a GIF, the best GIF of the year, and it's only June. You're welcome.

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Apparently, this isn't the only dog out there that paddles over a tub, too. Get a load of the video below, one of the cutest things you'll find across the entire internet. Get your paddle on, dogs of the world.