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This Muse song about drones is the logical conclusion of Muse

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Muse is a band that has produced songs including "MK Ultra," "Uprising," "Muscle Museum," and now, fresh off its 2015 album Drones, the eponymous track "Drones." Muse is not good, but they were good enough at one point to have "Uprising" featured at home games in the 2009-2010 regular season of the Washington Capitals, a sports team. (This interstitial aural molestation was always graciously interrupted by the resumption of sports.) Muse is the kind of band you play when you want to rage against the whatever in a manner the machine finds sympathetic.

Here are the lyrics to "Drones."

Killed by drones

My mother, my father,
my sister and my brother
my son and my daughter
killed by drones

Our lives between...
Finger and your...
Can you feel anything?
Are you dead inside?
Now you can kill
From the safety of your home
With drones


"Drones" is the logical conclusion of Muse: an imitation of a middle school choir performance with no guitar solos. Amen.