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This new NASA video lets you fly over Pluto's massive ice mountains

NASA has released some truly stunning images following New Horizons' successful flyby of Pluto. But those almost pale in comparison to this new simulated video that takes viewers above the 11,000-foot-tall mountains of ice that mark up the dwarf planet's surface.

The simulated video shows what NASA is informally calling the "Norgay Montes" (or Norgay Mountains) as well as the frozen plains of the Sputnik Planum. All of the images used to create the visualization were taken during New Horizons' closest approach to Pluto, and were captured by the spacecraft's LORRI camera — the same camera that took this now-famous image of Pluto.

NASA's not the only one doing amazing visual work with the existing images of Pluto. Yesterday, YouTube user Mattias Malmer created his own spinning, 360-degree view of Pluto's ice mountains: