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    Bubble Wrap is dead, long live Bubble Wrap

    Bubble Wrap is dead, long live Bubble Wrap


    This is your Bubble Wrap safe space

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    Yesterday we learned some horrible news: Sealed Air, the company that makes Bubble Wrap, is rolling out a new version that doesn't pop.

    The reasoning behind this choice is sound. The version of Bubble Wrap we all know and love takes up a lot of space, and therefore is expensive for the company to ship. That also means they must use more trucks, which in turn produces more emissions.

    The new version — called iBubble — basically arrives deflated, and customers doing the packing inflate it on-site. The bubbles are no longer individual, and instead each row of them is actually one long, connected chamber of air. It won't completely replace the OG Bubble Wrap but it's plain to see that having a more cost-effective option means the poppable version is losing relevancy.

    We here at The Verge will not stand idly by. Until there's some sort of Oculus-enabled virtual Bubble Wrap popping game, consider this a home for all your Bubble Wrap popping needs.

    Virtual Bubble Wrap

    It's a sad substitute, but here is one of the oldest virtual bubble wrap poppers on the internet:

    HD Bubble Wrap Audio

    If you just want to kick back and enjoy the sound of someone else doing the work for you, here are some binaural recordings of bubble wrap being popped.

    We will add more as we come across them. If you find ones you deem worthy, link us to them in the comments below.

    Perhaps it's fate that Saturday is the 4th of July, for we will once again be fighting for our freedom — not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution — but from the annihilation of Bubble Wrap.