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Coach Taylor tells Alamo Drafthouse moviegoers to keep it quiet

Coach Taylor tells Alamo Drafthouse moviegoers to keep it quiet


Clear eyes, full hearts, and 'turn your goddamn cell phones off'

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It's rude to talk or take phone calls during a movie. That statement should be obvious, but it's a problem that persists regardless of how much shushing you do. So independent theater chain The Alamo Drafthouse made a new video to silence loud moviegoers by invoking the emotional aesthetic of Friday Night Lights, complete with a score by Explosions in the Sky and a performance from the show's biggest star.

In the video we see Coach Taylor (Early Edition's Kyle Chandler) spin up one of his trademark inspirational speeches. But it's not long before he has to resort to shouting at the millennials who stand before him, distracted. "How am I supposed to give my inspirational speech here when you're talking or texting?" he breathlessly asks before breaking the fourth wall and ordering the audience to "turn your goddamn cell phones off."

"Turn your goddamn cell phones off."

The PSA is the newest in the Drafthouse's long line of "Don't Talk" PSA videos, which run the gamut from pretty great, to weird, to awkward and kind of awful. I don't know about you, but if I'm going to listen to anyone, it's Coach. Or maybe Mrs. Coach.