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Man on LSD makes case for LSD over booze with help of very patient friends

LSD obliterates binge-drinking in this face-off, posted by YouTube user Pschedsubstance. On LSD, the test subject performs okay on internet IQ tests, lifts a friend like a human-barbell, catches an orange, and drives a car. You know, science activities.

I respect the lighthearted tone and advocacy of a taboo drug that has shown therapeutic benefits from limited research. That said, let's be real. Anything is better than taking 15 shots in an hour. I recommend this video for its entertainment value, the inclusion of a Pikachu T-shirt in a video about an illegal substance, and the use of "Hall of the Mountain King."

If you want to read about a very different person's positive experience with LSD, Vox talks about Oliver Sacks' use of the drug.